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Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon  - Anna Banks MC: Emma was okay. Overabundant snark aside, she's pretty plucky and self-aware, and I can respect that. Sometimes her narration did make me lol.

POV: It switches between 1st person Emma (present tense) and 3rd person Galen (also present tense). Awkward/not awkward...?

Plot: Main source of tension (cough prearranged marriage mucking things up cough) was thin at first, but it seems to finally hold some water in the last 30 pages of the book when the plot finally starts coalescing. Felt like the book was just getting interesting, and then it ended.

Overall, decent debut. Books are hard to write and even harder to publish, so hats off to the author for both. I was engaged for the most part, and there were some interesting developments. Re: any built-in marketing ploys, I guess I did get suckered into reading book two... Of Poseidon gets 2.5 stars because of uneven pacing and b/c Galen sometimes behaved like a controlling jerk. (For the record, I'm on team Toraf.)